The Ruins of the Future Study day and film programme

This special study day at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich, brings together artists Graham Ellard & Stephen Johnstone, Redmond Entwistle and Claire Hooper to consider how artists’ moving image responds to and interrogates architectural space.

Building on the rich history of engagement with space and place in artists’ moving image, the artists will present and discuss their own work with reference to that of others. An evening film programme will contextualise and expand on the themes of the study day.

Ellard & Johnstone’s Neue Museen, 2011, focuses on the site of the museum itself – an architecture of encoded knowledge in which the building and the conceit of museological devices share the stage with the collection. It also functions, as does Things to Come, 2011, as a specific enquiry into Modernist aspirations for the display of objects. Redmond Entwistle’s Monuments, 2010, looks similarly at the Modernist inheritance but by ‘exhuming’ some of its key protagonists – Gordon Matta-Clark, Robert Smithson and Dan Graham – to revisit sites of some of their key pieces of work as a means by which to think about the (re)development of the urban and suburban. And, in contrast to Ellard & Johnstone’s investigations into (specifically museological) spaces created for objects, Claire Hooper’s Nach Spandau examines an architecture created for people, albeit the transitional, utilitarian spaces of the Berlin U-Bahn.

The day is structured informally, not as an academic symposium. An evening film programme will contextualise the artists’ work: tickets are valid for both study day and screening. The day is as suitable for those with an active knowledge of artists’ moving image as those eager simply to explore the moving image beyond the cinema.

To book, phone the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts on 01603 593199.

A Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts event, curated by Adam Pugh

See here for biographies of the artists.

Machine on Black Ground EXTRACT from Graham Ellard& Stephen Johnstone on Vimeo.

Things to Come from Graham Ellard& Stephen Johnstone on Vimeo.

‘MONUMENTS’ (extract 2 2:02m) Redmond Entwistle 2010 16mm 29minutes from redmond entwistle on Vimeo.