Apparent Positions is a series of installations by contemporary artists who work with the moving image. Based around the notion of transfigured space, the four shows – separate, yet in dialogue with one another – comprise work which deals with spaces imagined, implicated, even compromised.

Complicating and subverting the construct of landscape and the Romantic tradition, the films summon the notion of the plurality of place, of a meta-landscape; and beyond that, of the active site, loaded, both defining and defined by interaction with its occupants and would-be occupiers.

Curated by Adam Pugh for the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts . With work by Aglaia Konrad (20 October – 11 November), Beatrice Gibson (17 November – 9 December), Cyprien Gaillard (15 December – 13 January) and Marine Hugonnier (19 January – 10 February).